Chairman's Message

Our strategic geographic location empowers us to be a pivot for growth in Pakistan’s economy. Our efficient infrastructure system positions us to become a Regional hub for cross trade to Central Asia, China, Afghanistan, and India.

Today Port Qasim is proud to be Energy hub of the country with the induction LNG, Coal Fired power plants, LPG and Oil handling facility.

Our planning includes:

  • Draft depth improvement to support large vessels;
  • Facilitating economies of scale for trade;
  • Specific industrial/business zones for optimal utilization of land;
  • Night navigation;
  • Logistics distribution parks and warehousing for improvements in the supply chain;
  • Additional concessions for bulk terminals as well as oil and gas terminals;
  • Rail connections for up-country locations through Pakistan;
  • Transit sheds and customs clearance for Afghan and Chinese cargo;
  • Job creation.

Through focused and innovative planning Port Qasim aims to become an efficient hub for goods and services. Since countries that are integrated in the global supply and investment chains will be the drivers of future global economic growth, Port Qasim envisages assisting Pakistan to become a contending force in the new economic world order.