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National Prosperity

Port Qasim Authority was established through an act of parliament on June 29, 1973. PQA is the 2nd deep sea industrial-cum-commercial port operating under landlord concept.

The Port is under the administrative control of Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Government of Pakistan. Chairman is the chief executive of the port.

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Port Facilities

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Industrial Units


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Port Contacts


  • Operations Division

    Name: Mr. Roshan Ali Dero
    Designation: Director (Cargo Ops.)
    Phone PABX: 021-99272111-30 (Ext.4220)

    Phone direct: 021-99272166
    Fax: 021-34730105

  • Finance Division

    Name: Mr. Mughis ul Wara Fasihi
    Designation: Director (Revenue)

    Phone PABX: 021-99272111-30  (Ext. 4164)

    Phone direct:021-99272177
    Fax: 021-34730106

  • Operations Division

    Name: Capt. Rizwan S. K. Ghauri
    Designation: Director (Marine Ops.)

    Phone PABX: 021-99272111-30 (Ext. 4151)
    Phone direct: 021-99272162 
    Fax: 021-34730105

  • Administration Division

    Name: Lt. Cdr. (R) Mashood Ahmed Khan
    Designation: Director (Administration)

    Phone PABX: : 021-99272111-30 (Ext. 4240) (Ext. 4151)
    Phone direct: 021-99272181 
    Fax: 021-99272181

  • Technical Division

    Name: Mr. Jamil Ajmal
    Designation: Director (PSP)

    Phone PABX: : 021-99272111-30 (Ext. 4118)
    Phone direct: 021-99272201 
    Fax: 021-34730107

  • P & D Division

    Name: Liaquat Ali Samejo
    Designation: Director (P & D)

    Phone PABX: : 021-99272111-30 (Ext. 4264)
    Phone direct: 021-99272168 
    Fax: 021-99272168

  • P & D Division

    Name: Nouman Bashir
    Designation: Director (I.M)

    Phone PABX: : 021-99272111-30 (Ext. 4238)
    Phone direct: 021-99272154 
    Fax: 021-99272189

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