For registration as shipping agent at PQA, following needs to be submitted

  • Request letter addressed to DC, PQA
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Customs Agent license
  • NTN certificate
  • Computerized NIC

LD is the date of completion of discharging of a vessel for all commodities.

After 10 days of deposit of cargo.

After 5 working days after completion of vessel.

None. Only wharfage and weighment challan is issued by Revenue Department.

Export Shipping Order (ESO) is only document generated by Cargo Department for exports. Wharfageand Wighment charges are endorsed on ESO by Revenue Department of PQA and allocation of berth is done by Cargo Ops Department.

All claims will be directly settled between Party and CHC.

Cargo Handling Companies (CHC's) are the custodian of cargo at the Port.

As negotiated per tonne cargo handling charges will be paid to CHC directly. Terms and conditions will be mentioned in agreement signed between Consignee / Shipper and CHC.

One of the registered Cargo Handling Companies.

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